The second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Armenia is cervical cancer. Regular cervical cancer screening was not widely available in Armenia prior to 2001. Thus, in June 2001, the GYN Department was established with a US-trained gynecologist on staff and furnished with modern medical technology and expertise. The purpose of the project was to provide basic services for the detection and prevention of cervical cancer.

At the Gynecology Department the following preventive screenings are being performed:

• Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of precancerous diseases of cervix
• Pap-smear cytological examination
• Colposcopy
• Electro-excision procedure of uterus cervix
• Diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases
• Transabdominal and Transvaginal Sonography
• Endometrial Biopsy for further cytological examination
• Family planning through education
• Diagnosis and treatment of infertility
• Post-Coital test
• Histerosalpingo sonography
• Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
• Women follow up in menopause period

 Miracle babies.

The initial goal for creation of the gynecological department was to perform general gynecological examinations and Pap smear test. Nevertheless, many couples who had infertility problems started visiting our Center. Therefore, our doctors started providing help for this kind of patients. The results were astonishing: from 2001 to date we already have 129 «miracle» babies, bringing happiness and joy to their parents.

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