"Breast Screening & Diagnosis" - Radiology Department is located on the 1st floor and is fully equipped with modern equipments and supplies.

Services include annual screenings and demonstrations of monthly Breast Self Examinations (BSEs), Breast Imaging (through mammography and ultrasound) and Diagnosis (through biopsies) for the early and accurate detection of breast cancer.
The Wellness Center currently screens 100-125 patients/day. Since its inception in 1997, the department has screened over 170,841 patients for breast cancer and has saved the lives of thousands of women and men through early and accurate detection of their cancer.

Recently (March, 2012), two Selenia Dimensions Digital Mammography systems have been delivered to the Armenian-American Wellness Center Foundation (AAWC). These equipments were purchased from Hologic Corporation in the U.S by a grant from the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) Division of the United States Agency for International Development (ASAID).

From 19 to 25 March, 2012 the group of biomedical engineers from Hologic Corporation in Belgium and France, Yves Michel Daspe, Karla Johanna Maria de Smedt and Renaud Richard Saussac came to Armenia and installed two Selenia Dimensions Digital Mammography systems at AAWC.
On March 27, an application specialist from Hologic Corporation Heger Rajah came to Armenia and trained AAWC’s doctors and technicians how to use and operate Hologoc’s Selenia Dimension System. After two-day trainings our doctors implemented breast screenings through the new devices under Heger’s supervision. At the end of the trainings the AAWC staff was awarded with the certificates for successful completion of Digital mammography system operator training for use and operation of Hologoc’s Selenia Dimension System.

Advantages of Digital Mammography system are the following:
• Digital mammography takes an electronic image of the breast and stores it directly in a computer.
• Digital mammography uses less radiation than film mammography.
• Digital mammography allows improvement in image storage and transmission because images can be stored and sent electronically. Radiologists also can use software to help interpret digital mammograms.

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