On April 28, 1997 the Armenian-American Mammography University Center (first mammography project for Armenia) was developed with the efforts of the American benefactress Rita Balian and the Deputy of the National Assembly Hranush Hakobyan. Later, in 2002, it was renamed “Armenian-American Wellness Center” Foundation. AAWC has a Satellite Clinic in the town of Gavar established in July 2003.

The Center’s mission is to save, prolong and improve the lives of people, to implement breast and cervical cancer prevention programs, bone fracture’s preventing programs using densitometry, and to provide primary health care services to ensure the good health and well-being of families. Armenian-American Wellness Center has the following departments: Radiology (Breast Imaging and Diagnosis; Bone Densitometry), Gynecology, Urology, Family Medicine, Surgery and Laboratory.

During 17 years of AAWC’s activity about 284,632 visitors have been screened at the center, 170,841 of which have passed breast screening. More and more women (age 40 and over) are now coming for their annual mammograms, and thus breast cancer is diagnosed at earlier stage with more possibilities for a cure. Due to annual checking, the number of survivors isn’t small, about 4,357 women. This means, that in AAWC, the disease that can endanger women’s life and charm, has been cured in time, causing rapture their families.

To date, 976 men visitors have been screened at the center. As a result 32 cases of breast cancer have been revealed.

About 58,319 women have been examined at the gynecological department of the Center. Among 65 women cervical cancer was revealed. Precancerous diseases of cervix were revealed among 293 women who continued their treatment at AAWC and prevented the risk of cervical cancer. Diagnosis and treatment of infertility is available at AAWC. Here, women who struggled with infertility were able to conceive through treatment and today AAWC has 129 “Miracle” babies.

Since 2006 approximately 4,302 visitors have passed Bone densitometry screening at AAWC. 

AAWC expands radiology services at the Center in the sphere of diagnosing malignant tumors of other organs, provides urology service and initiates prostate cancer screening. Since September 10, 2011, 784 visitors have been examined at the Urology department.

Each day, between 150 to 180 women and men, come to the Wellness Center for medical services.   For those who are unable to travel to Yerevan or its Satellite Clinic in Gavar, the Wellness Center’s monthly Medical Outreach Missions travel to remote regions of the country and Artsakh to provide free-of-charge medical services.  Since 1997, 92 remote villages and towns and close to 17,516patients in Armenia and Artsakh have received medical assistance during such Medical Outreach Missions. These Missions have been organized in cooperation with the local polyclinics, schools, factories and/or municipalities. 

Emphasizing the importance of preventive medicine, the Center educates the public by disseminating literature on healthy lifestyle and the importance of early detection through annual mammograms, Pap smears, check-ups and monthly breast self-examinations.

The Center has won the trust of the public and the respect of the medical community for its high-quality services and corruption-free environment emphasizing transparency, accountability and concern for others. 

On 25 October, 2011, AACA was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Ambassador of the United States to Armenia for high quality healthcare services provided for patients. More recently, on July 9, 2014, based on the public opinion and expert assessment, the Armenian-American Wellness Center was named the best in the "Best Medical Center" category.

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