Laser treatment of vascular damages and skin pigmentation through Candela VBeam laser is performed at the Wellness Center. This treatment method is the most effective for pigment spots.


In April 2015, the Vbeam Perfecta laser, manufactured by the American company CANDELA, was installed at the Armenian American Wellness Center with the direct participation of Ray Anderson, Harvard professor and the best specialist from one of the leading clinics in the United States.


Vbeam Perfecta is applied not only for the treatment of pigment and vascular damages, non-invasive tissue surgery but also for the treatment of:

  • Hemangiomas
  •  Brown pigments
  •  Rosacea
  •  Port-wine stain
  •  Telangiectasia

 For effective treatment of skin pigmentation, the cause should be found and treated.

 What can be done?

At the Wellness Center laser treatment of vascular damages and skin pigmentation is performed under the control of the plastic surgeon.

 After the laser procedure, for recovery of possible swelling and bruising a stay home for 14 days may be required. As a result, the skin heals, the previous imperfections disappear from the skin. The doctor may also prescribe the appropriate fluid or other medicine to treat the skin regularly.

Sometimes, depending on complications and skin changes, multiple laser treatments may be required.

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