Radiology - “Breast Screening and Diagnosis” Department was established in April, 1997.

Note: According to cancer screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society, women ages  40-44 should undergo screening mammography every year regardless of complaint availability.

For breast cancer prevention and detection the following services are provided:

Breast screening 

- Digital 3Dmammography with tomosynthesis & Breast and axillary lymph nodes sonography

- Ultrasound-guided Breast Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) for cytological examination

- Breast core (needle) biopsy for histological examination

- X-Ray-guided Breast vacuum biopsy

- Breast needle (wire) localization under X-RAY control

Preventive services also include: 

  • Abdominal ultrasound (liver, gallbladder, urinary tract, kidneys)
  • Pelvic cavity ultrasound 
  • Thyroid  gland and lymph nodes ultrasound
  • Thyroid  gland fine-needle aspiration (FNA) for cytological examination
  • Vascular duplex examination

Daily 100-120 patients visit the “Breast screening and Diagnosis” department. Since its establishment, 286,075 patients screened for breast cancer prevention.

The advantages of Selenia 3Dimension Mammography Systems are:

- low dose screening with the highest resolution  

- high-quality images by applying only a little pressure just enough to keep the breast in a stable position during the

- digital image can be zoomed improving visibility for greater diagnostic confidence and instantly viewed that allows to
  detect breast cancer at the very early pre-cancerous stage

- digital tomosynthesis help to reduce and avoid overlapping of the breast tissue.

- dense breast screening is easier through a digital mammography system allowing a thorough analysis and detection    of micro-calcifications.

The main priorities:

Due to the above-mentioned advantages of Selenia 3Dimension Mammography Systems, the diagnoses are more precise and accurate. The principle of teamwork at the center allows our physicians to have no chance for mistakes.

Here you will find a warm and calm atmosphere of mutual understanding, where our patients are depression-free and never feel they are in hospital.

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