A number of American scientists claim that many diseases, including cancer diseases, may be related to oral diseases. Led by this approach, the Center opened the dentistry in May 2013 which was proposed by the Center’s visitors.
Today, the AAWC's visitors, including children and pregnant women can get any type of oral care and have a confident smile. Tooth whitening and other services are provided using the most modern technologies.
Dentistry is located on the 2nd floor and it is equipped with the most modern German dental equipment and two dental chairs.
Our specialists develop an individual treatment method for each patient explaining in details all the stages of the procedure and demonstrating a professional approach to the treatment of each patient. It is also important to ensure the sterility of equipment. Sterilization is carried out using special high quality materials and autoclave processing.
One of the goals of the department is to spread dental culture within larger groups of population, especially among pregnant women, especially methods of implementation. Educational brochures have been developed with a detailed explanation on how to maintain oral hygiene to guarantee a beautiful confident smile and healthy teeth.
Thanks to our professional dentists, we guarantee quality service.